At Spartan Envy Male Waxing London, we specialise in providing waxing treatments for men. Our experienced waxing technicians are gentle and thorough, providing a first-class service to every warrior who walks through the door. Whether you’re seeking facial waxing, arm waxing, leg waxing, torso waxing, or any other type of male waxing, you can rest assured that we can assist. At Spartan Envy Male Waxing London, we pride ourselves on using the very latest waxing techniques, leaving our clients perfectly groomed and super-smooth every time. 

For a professional, efficient and lasting hair-removal service in the city, look no further. 


Facial Waxing

Schedule a facial waxing service today to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Whether you want your eyebrows, ears or nostrils waxed, we can assist. 

Male Eyebrows Wax - £15

Male Ears Wax - £10

Male Nostrils Wax - £10

Leg Waxing

Our leg waxing services are quick, clean and professional. Our technicians can wax your upper legs, lower legs, full legs or even your feet.

Male Full Legs & Feet Wax-  £50

Male Upper Legs Wax - £30

Male Lower Legs & Feet Wax - £30

Male Feet & Toes Wax- £10

Intimate Waxing

A man’s intimate areas can be prone to prominent hair growth. Whether it’s the cheeks or crack that you want to de-fuzz, the groin area itself or you want to opt for a Brazilian, our intimate waxing service is for you. 

Buttocks - £20 - £30

(Cheeks & Crack)

Groin - £40 - £50

(Penis, Scrotum & Public Triangle)

Brazilian - £60 - £70

(Butt & Groin)

Arm Waxing

To give your arms a natural but groomed look, choose one of our arm waxing services today. We use very latest techniques to banish patchy hair growth patterns on your arms.  

Male Underarms Wax - £15

Male Full Arms & Hands Wax - £30

Male Upper Arms Wax- £15

Male Forearms & Hands Wax  - £20

Male Hands & Fingers Wax - £10

Torso Waxing

You don’t have to be Michael Phelps to benefit from torso waxing! For a torso that stays smooth to the touch for weeks at a time, look no further.

Male Chest & Abs Wax - £35

Male Nape of Neck Wax - £15

Male Lower Back Wax - £15

Male Shoulders & Neck Wax - £20

Male Upper Back, Neck & Shoulders Wax - £30

Male Full Back, Neck  & Shoulders (up to T-shirt level) Wax -  £40

Male Full Back, Neck & Shoulders, & Upper Arm (up to Elbow) Wax- £50

Waxing Combos

At Spartan Envy, we offer various combination waxes, allowing you to have multiple areas waxed during a single appointment.

Eyebrows, Ears & Nostrils - £25

Back, Shoulders, Chest & Abs - £65

Back, Shoulders & Brazilian - £85

Legs & Brazilian - £95

Full Body, no Brazilian - £140

Full Body, with Brazilian - £190

To get the most from your waxing treatment at Spartan Envy Male Waxing London, it’s important to follow our pre and post wax care directions. This will ensure that your waxing experience achieves excellent results.  

Download our pre and post wax guide now

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Located in the heart of Islington in London, Spartan Envy Male  Waxing London provides a range of waxing treatments for men, as well as clipping services. Whether you want your brows waxing on your lunch break or a full body wax, our skilled technicians can assist. Visit our modern and full equipped studio today. 




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Spartan Envy Male Waxing London is open 6 days a week until 9pm, so why not book an appointment with one of our experienced waxing technicians? 

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